The Project
The project l’entrepreneur kicked off in July 2013 in Tanzania.

The instigators of this project are entrepreneurs, managers and senior leaders with a solid business experience of several years in Africa.
L’entrepreneur has been designed to respond to the problems faced by entrepreneurs creating an activity abroad. L’entrepreneur carried out research and analyses to develop an efficient tool suitable for all types of business. This tool would enable companies to obtain all essential information to settle in the countries concerned and facilitate their development through a selected network and events.

L’entrepreneur has the task of providing information and advice as well as making sure newcomers take advantage of local entrepreneurs experience

This is a company with a social purpose, which donates part of its profits to charity and finances projects of entrepreneurs.


The project l’entrepreneur was not a project that was dreamed up overnight, in fact a lot of hard work and planning went into making this dream a reality.
L’entrepreneur is based on three pillars :
  • A network of selected companies : Our Network
  • A place for meetings and exchanges : L’entrepreneur Home
  • A comprehensive tool on line : The Business Hub

L'entrepreneur Network

We provide a network of companies selected according to 3 criteria


We believe in continuously measuring our level of service against competition to improve our degree of excellence.


Staying competitive by performing as per the required standards of our members.


L’entrepreneur is commited to providing services customized to best meet the needs of our members and partners.

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L'entrepreneur Home

L’entrepreneur Home is a place for all ! Companies already established will find updates, new projects and a network.
It is also aimed at providing a stable anchor for new companies.
They will find the conditions required to settle, prosper and success.

A network of professionals
Opportunities to present services and products
Events and Business trades
Updated information on Market
Regular presence of Tax and Law specialists
New projects waiting for investors

Business Hub

The website is an interactive toolkit for users with a Business Hub giving access to all services under the same roof.
The Business Hub is separated in 4 sections :
The e-shop platform is open to individual and professional, it offers a large panel of products covering diverse needs such as stationery, electronics, office equipment, lunch services and much more.
It helps saving time and money thanks to free delivery from our partners, and negotiated prices with our partners.
Our goal being to have professional group rates, the volume of these transactions through the e-shop allows us to negotiate better prices.

A booking platform : subscribed members can make reservations for hotels, plane tickets, car rental etc.
With an easy access our members can enjoy quickly partner offers and group rates.

An interactive platform with our partners.
It allows in little time to request quotes from all of our partners such insurance, consultancy etc.

e-Cards & Clubs
Discount and membership application forms

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